Guidelines for Research Articles

Research articles serve as a platform to discuss your research. You will be able to discuss your field of research, your particular project, and the longterm goals/effects of this project. Remember, this journal is read by a wide variety of audiences. Thus, it is important to convey your project in a manner that is neither rudimentary nor at a level that is only understandable to people who are very familiar with your field of research. You are writing for an intelligent, non-expert audience.

Please ensure that the article contains ~1,000 words. Make sure to include APA in-text parenthetical citations for any information that you have discussed in the article and include the full citation at the end of the article. Prior to submitting, please review the article, particularly the disclosed results, with your research advisor. A copy of the article will be sent to your research advisor for approval prior to publication.

Go to Submissions for instructions on how to submit your article.