Research: Social Sciences

Joint self-control failures: Sharing goals with peers diminishes feelings of goal failure

Writer: Brooke Schleyer

I am a Psychology major in the SAS class of 2018. Over the past few years I have conducted research with the Regulation Action and Motivated Perception Lab led by Dr. Shana Cole. One topic I have been interested in studying is how social experiences can impact peoples’ ability to effectively manage and pursue their long-term goals. As a first-generation student with ambitious academic goals, I am often reminded of the distracting social atmosphere of college life, so this topic pertains to me personally. My future aspirations are to pursue a post-baccalaureate research position and then obtain a PhD in clinical psychology.

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Physician Conflict of Interest Disclosure: A Step Towards Improved Decision Making?

Writer: Katie Mehr

My name is Katie Mehr and I am a a member of the Class of 2018. I am pursuing a major in Economics and minors in Mathematics and Statistics. I am interested in learning about how people make decisions and how to improve such choices. My current advisors are Dr. Gretchen Chapman and Ph.D. student Christina Boyce-Jacino. My goal is to attend a Ph.D. program in marketing or behavioral decision research, so that I can learn more about consumer behavior and decision making.

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The Relationship Between Manpower Allocation and Nursing Home Patient Quality of Care

Writer: Wee Siang Tay

My name is Wee Siang Tay and I am a Class of 2019 international student from Singapore in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. I am majoring in Economics and currently work with Dr. Olga JarrĂ­n. Previously, I worked in a frontline clinical setting at a hospital and I served in the military. I was injured during my days of service, but I experienced genuine warmth from nurses who took care of me when I was a warded patient. My experiences with healthcare are in both as a provider and patient. The relief and gratitude I felt from nurses fuel my impetus to select the field of nursing to do research.

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Perceived and Objective Knowledge About Politics as Predictors of Political Activism

Writer: Sydney Gecha

In this study, we explored the relationship between perceived and objective knowledge about politics and linked these predictors to political activism. Prior research in our laboratory (Howansky & Cole, in preparation), explored the role of perceived and objective knowledge in predicting climate change mitigating behaviors. We found that whether people believe they have a great deal of knowledge about climate change may be more important than whether they actually know a lot when it comes to forming pro-environmental intentions.

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Believing is Seeing: The Influence of a Transgender Label on Visual Perception and Attitudes

Writer: Samantha Bruno

"She looks like Rita Hayworth, so glamorous!" "What is Bruce going to do about his giant man hands and giant feet?" This past summer, these very different Twitter comments were made about the same person, Caitlyn Jenner. After Jenner spoke publicly about her new identity as a woman, public reactions ranged from angry to accepting. With images of Jenner appearing on every magazine cover and talk show across the country, many of the negative reactions to her new appearance seemed to focus on her sustained masculine features.

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